Any and all of the above classes of bike indicated. Any rider entered in the Sportsman Class will not be allowed to enter other classes on race /event day. Note: Sportsman class is aFUNclass for the less competitive.

Race/Event Rules

All riders must walk the entire track prior to practice or race events start.

FIRST GEAR IN THE PITS! No stunting, wheelies, burnouts, etc.

Riders will not enter the track until singled by the Track Marshall

There will be no “down shifting” in races without brakes

Racing is to be done is a sportsman like manner at all times

Riders are to hold their line when being passed

DO NOT try to move out of the way of faster riders passing you

Riders will obey flagmen at all times

Riders will signal when slowing or leaving the track

Referee Decisions and Rider Responsibility

All referee decisions are FINAL. Appeals must follow the process outlined in the bylaws

Failure to comply with rules, referee, or Track Marshals may result in suspension

NO ROUGH RIDING WILL BE TOLERATED! Riders considered a hazard will be BLACK FLAGGED and must return to the pits on the next lap, and are to report to the Track Marshall or Referee.

No riders shall ride under the influence or drugs or alcohol

Event site will bet left as found. No litter, debris, to be left behind. No oil or gas spills. No burn outs.

Un-sportsman like behavior will not be tolerated on or off the track at any time

Required Rider Equipment

Full face helmet, minimum DOT, recommend Snell Certification

Face shield or goggles

Boots minimum 8 inch high

Leather or motocross type gear, with armor. (elbow, shin, hip, etc)

One piece or zip together leathers, gloves

Note: Riders equip themselves at their own risk. It is the responsibility of the rider to select gear and equipment which will provide them with adequate safety. Referee will inspect and has final decision on all equipment.

Motorcycle Equipment… Tire/Rims/Brakes

No knobby or overly aggressive tire on the rear. Engine kill tether (dead man) must be functional. Foot pegs must be rubber coated and folding. No front brake. No front fender. No attached stands. No lights or glass of any type. No machines with fuel leaks will be allowed on track. Number plates must be attached and visible to scorers