Vintage Class A Vintage Class B & Class BExpert

Twin shock bike Prior to 1985 Mfg. Twin shock bike Prior to 1985 Mfg.

2s single 200 cc max 2s single 200 cc-500 cc

4s single pushrod 450 cc max 4s single pushrod over 450 cc

4s single o.h.c. 350 cc max 4s single o.h.c. over 350 cc

4s twin 454 cc max 4s twin 454 cc-600 cc

Vintage Class 250 Two Stroke Vintage Class C : Battle of the Twins

250 cc maximum Twin Shock Bike Prior to 1985 Mfg.

4s twin 600cc-900 cc

Modern Open Class Super Singles Class

Modern, Mono shock allowed, any displacement . Modern 4s single 650 cc max.

Vintage Dinosaur Class

O.H.V. 500 cc max

S.V. 750 cc max

Rigid or plunger frame 1951 and prior, No frame or fork mods

No flat slide or alternate carburetor allowed. Carb must be

period type. Plunger suspension may be locked for race/event.

Sportsman Class

Any and all welcome in this "sportsman" class. For the less competitive. Any rider in this class cannot race in the Pro Level Classes. (at referees decision)

Junior Class

- Any Vintage Bike- Ages 13-18 race on big track depending on how many youth show up (For Under 18 Must Have Parent Or Guardian Present At Track)

-Riders ages 6-12 can race in the small track between heats and track being watered. 

50 Plus Class

Any Bike (no knobbies on the rear) - Ages 50 plus